are you ready to rock?

Just got back from a SFU Outdoors Club rock climbing weekend with beautiful weather and great people that I co-organized. The weather was 25 degrees and sunny every day which was perfect for the beginner course we ran on Saturday at Burgers and Fries in the Smoke Bluffs and the climbing we did on Sunday in Cheakamus. (Burgers and Fries is such a good teaching zone with it’s huge open areas!)

Rob teaching the course
Martin also teaching the course
The beginner’s group

Later in the day on Saturday, we were climbing beside a family of three. The little girl was only seven years old and already knows how to place cams!! (A cam is a piece of rock climbing protection used for traditional climbing. I had to look up what it was called because I only sport climb – where you clip into pre-installed rock protection.)

You can see here that she is actually on a top rope, and just practising how to trad climb.
Better placement than I could do.

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