living small

In terms of belongings, I have been trying to live smaller and smaller over the past year. As I am an out-of-province university co-op student, I move a lot. Less stuff cuts down on stress and saves me money! It also doesn’t restrict my choices when moving into small rooms or rooms without furniture or closets.

Here are some things I like to do:

1. Don’t bother unpacking your boxes so you can save time packing the next time you move.

2. Use suitcase as storage container all the time.

3. Who needs shelves when you can use sideways cardboard boxes? When you need to move, just rotate 90 degrees and VOILA! Pre-packed!

4. Those boxes you didn’t unpack since the last time you moved? Get rid of all of it! Donate it! Don’t even bother looking inside if you know you haven’t touched it for 6 months.

5. A library card is much smaller than a books and textbooks.

6. If you are car-less, people will pick up free things from you.

7. Borrowing things is cool.

8. It is ok to hold on to sentimental items (I have finally parted with my broken Wallace & Gromit shoes, sniffle) but only for a certain length of time!

9. Some things take up less room without the boxes (board games).

10. Decorate cans and jars as cup-holders, so you can recycle them when you are leaving!

It is crazy to think that I have lived in 5 different places in the past 12 months and will be living in two more places in the next couple of weeks. (Ottawa, residence, Kat & Scott, East Van, other house in East Van – and next: Kat & Scott, USP residence!) Yeepers!



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