plan for the first week

Only 13 more days until I leave for Fiji! Seems so soon! The first week looks pretty good.

I arrive on Saturday the 14th really early in the morning and am planning to spend two nights at a backpackers resort -ahem- hostel. Since almost every city or town is coastal, I think I have to call it a resort. I’ve had recommendations for three places, two along the Coral Coast near Koralevu (south side of the main island in between the airport (Nadi) and where I’m living (Suva)), but also looking into Natadola (a little more west). I am bringing my full-on snorkelling gear, so I am thinking I should choose a place where I could snorkel the first day I am there!

I will arrive in Suva on the Monday and then we have international student orientation Wednesday to Friday. And then (!!) from Friday – Sunday, all the international students go with USP on a two night trip to Levuka.

The airport is in Nadi, and I will be staying in Suva. The USP trip for international students is to Levuka. The green circles are the places I deciding between visiting. I left the scale on there so you can see the size difference to Canada!

Then school starts on the Monday! It’s been a long time since I have taken classes. I have signed up for Human Resource Management, Marketing, Accounting II and Physical Geology. That will change if there are any conflicts.

I will be meeting up with the other two SFU students, Sarah and Cindy, at USP!


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