goodbye, vancouver!

Last week I had a good-bye get-together at the Pint with a bunch of friends. It was a neat combo – a good mix of residence folk, my climbing buddies, other Outdoors Clubbers, family and my last last roommate. We all jammed in three little tables for wings and beer (hotoyaki was our favourite wing flavour!). My friend Tom ordered “1 pound of destruction” and that was very spicy. It was really nice catching up with everyone I hadn’t seen in a while.

A lot of my SFU friends are also leaving on exchanges in the next year – I hope they also have a great time!

Natalie dropped by for a little bit!
Kat and Scott
Tom, Josh, me and Faye! Lately, everyone (including me) has been playing a lot with the drawing setting… it is pretty neat.

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