bella bella

This past weekend I flew up to Bella Bella to visit Rob. It is beautiful up there with all the mountains, ocean inlets and wildlife.

Bella Bella is an interesting place as it is a First Nations reserve and very remote. The ferry comes about once a week, but there are small planes every day. It was neat being able to boat down ocean channels and not see any people for over an hour! The beaches we visited had no traces of humans – it was really untouched nature.

It is an interesting mix of people in the neighbouring town of Shearwater (about a 5 minute boat ride from Bella Bella). The population is about 70 people – the other guy staying in Rob’s cabin is an underwater wildlife photographer for the National Geographic. He liked my banana bread. I hope I get a mention in one of his captions.

Boating is the main form of transportation
“I wonder how well my new fishing rod works!” Rob caught a fish about 30 seconds after this was taken. I didn’t try fishing because we were both too nervous after (and because I still have fishphobia).
This is the nature I came for
We anchored the boat and canoed over to a lagoon to explore, but the tide had already reversed and we weren’t really looking for upstream whitewater canoeing.
The tides change SO MUCH during the day! We had to move the anchor for this boat about three times.
We went whale watching a couple of times but sadly did not see any whales. The day after I left Rob said that he saw a pod of orcas. Maybe I will see a whale in Fiji… do whales hang out there?
Oh yeah! I got a haircut!

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