orientation week

On Monday morning, I met up with Sarah and Cindy (the other two SFU girls) and we made our way from the Coral Coast to Suva. We took a taxi from where they dropped us off and they brought us right to where we are staying on campus.

The first glimpse of Suva (this is actually the only runner I have seen the whole time I’ve been in Suva)
View from downtown Suva
Me, Franny (from Germany) and Mallory (on my floor from the US) in downtown Suva

The first two days we spent touring the city and campus, meeting other international students and getting to know each other. The second day we were there was Cindy’s birthday, so we threw her a surprise jungle-themed party. We also spent a lot of time stocking up on things we needed (food, pans, etc) with our new roomies.

Some of the international girls at Cindy’s jungle party. Picture from Megan

International Orientation was the Wednesday to Friday; that was when we met the other international students. Apparently there is over 17 countries showing. The three other international students on my floor are from the US and China. At the first day of orientation I met two other students who also climb! One of them actually brought his shoes and chalk over like me, so that was really neat. We’re hoping to get some climbing exploration done.. more info in a future blog post (spoiler: I actually already did some climby type stuff!)!

The International Office helped us with our visa applications and course registrations but they also organized some fun events. One of them was a welcome dinner which was basically an open bar and cupcake evening… just fill in the blanks ;-). We also went to the Fiji museum and went to the flea market to get sulus (basically 2m of fabric that you wear as a skirt).

I really wish I had a pufferfish hat (at the Fiji Museum).

One night all the International students went to “the” club/bar in the city that all the students go to called O’Reilly’s. That was a lot of fun.


2 thoughts on “orientation week

    1. been working on it for the past month, and haven’t had any luck yet. we have been talking to lots of people (locals and expats) but no one knows anyone that climbs. but we have seen rock though, specifically on ovalau. i did the navua rafting trip last week and it was basically four hours of floating in a rock canyon but it’s all wet and in a conservation area. seems like to do any climbing, you would have to get permission from the village and you’re pretty much on your own. bouldering/free solo looks like it’s good to go. maybe could set up a top rope if you want to set up some slings on palm trees, or something haha.

      seems like there is a lot of scrambly hiking though. specifically excited for joske’s thumb, which is near suva. apparently you have to use ropes to get up it. will post once attempted!

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