Bureta village

The last few days of orientation week we went to Bureta village on Ovalau (this village is where we did all the kava activities). Bureta is a collection of smaller villages of about 1000 people I think. They have running water and electricity.

While waiting for the ferry, we played with starfish
View from ferry to Viti Levu (main island)

I really enjoyed billeting with the families in the village – Karoliina (a student from Finland) and I stayed with the doctor of the village. We slept on mattresses on the floor and was quite comfortable! There were A LOT of frogs that liked to hang out on our porch.

We spent most of the weekend dancing and mingling with the locals (of all ages!). The young girls were really good at booty shaking! They said they learned how to dance like that in school!

They cooked us traditional Fijian food and it was very delicious and special. I found it interesting how they served the food. Even though there were always a few options, they put out all the food on lots of small plates instead of lining everything up and everyone taking one of each. It was all spread out so everyone could share all the food.

Dinner on the first night: Featuring breadfruit, cassava, and delicious spinach-like patties. Apparently the spinach-like patties are hard to cook because if you do it wrong the leaves will make you feel sick or taste bad.
Lunch on the 2nd day: Roti (yum) with dahl (YUM), fresh fish, rice and other things. We also got a banana like fruit in a sugary water liquid. It was tasty and sweet.

We also got to have fresh prawns and fresh crab for dinner on the second night. For breakfast there was a lot of fresh rolls, eggs and a tapioca hot cereal. We would ask what everything was but the people that made it usually only knew it in Fijian. Everything was delicious, especially the dahl. That is going to be my next food challenge!

We also did a walk-around tour of Levuka which is the “old capital” of Fiji as it was where people first landed. To get there we took a covered truck which was lots of fun.

The sign says “Crime Free Town Levuka” but the jail is right beside the town!
Mikayla and I. You can see my sulu in action! Photo by Mikayla
Our Levuka shuttle. Photo by Corey
It’s too bad this picture is so blurry, but it really illustrates how epic the bus ride was! Smith, Corey and me. Photo by Mikayla



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