hike in Bureta

My favourite Fiji moment so far was hiking up a small mountain close to Bureta. The hike up was scrambly and steep – so good! The view was really nice from the top. After hiking back down we were able to jump off a big rock into the river. To get out you could either wade down to where you can walk out or you can rock climb back out of the water (deep water solo!). Naturally I jumped off four times.

Corey, John and I got super stoked on the way to Ovalau because we had our first rock sighting. We have heard rumours that there is climbing and bouldering here. I’m really hoping that it works out and we will be able to get some in. I will keep track of it all in this blog because I haven’t found any other internet resource with it yet!

The tallest point is what we hiked. Also, first rock face sighting.
At the top. The humidity makes me SO SWEATY.

Photo by John
Photo by John
Most of the hiking group. Photo by John



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