university of the south pacific

Here are some pictures of where I am studying/living! Now you can have a small glimpse of it.

The campus is really large and spread out, definitely bigger than Burnaby campus at SFU (despite SFU having way more people). USP has about 11000 students.
As soon as you enter the campus
The fancy new ICT building
The areas between the buildings with classes in them look something like this
10th hall, where I am staying. It is less than a year old. There are two rows of three halls each, and each hall has 24 people.

I am almost done my second week of classes! So far so good. After an (expectedly) slow registration process, I ended up with Human Resource Management, Earth Science, Managing Change in the Public Sector (but I think the course should be called Climate Change Government Policy) and Intro to Accounting & Management II. Next semester courses will be a lot different.

Classes are almost always one hour per day and spread our really randomly throughout the week. Most of my classes are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Tutorials helped to meet more people, I am happy about that. I have met new people in all of my classes now. Most of them have at least one group project. Exams and tests are worth more marks than at home – at home we would usually have more marked assignments. I am the oldest person in my accounting class! At home the class equivalent is a second year course and I am already taking it late. That is the first time that this has happened! I have a feeling I am the oldest in Earth Science as well.

One thing I noticed in my tutorials is that when my classmates introduce each other to the class they always say “My friend here Rosemarie” or something like that instead of “This is Rosemarie” or “That is Rosemarie”. It seems more genuine. I like it.

I am just about to head off to my second outrigger canoe team practise. I went on Monday and it was a lot of fun! I got to chat and mingle with a lot of other students who range from paddling their whole life to just starting like me. It reminds me a lot of dragon boating.


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