nadi weekend trip

This past weekend we went to Nadi for a weekend bonding beach trip at Smugglers Cove Resort. The hostel was only $15FJD/night.. that’s like $9CAD! The bus was also only ~$9CAD too, so it was ultracheap. The dorm DID have 34 people in it, but it was actually set up really well so I didn’t have any problems.

I packed a bag full of cheap wine, peanut butter sandwiches and my accounting homework, haha. I forgot my bathing suit though!!! Who does that??

Brittany and Megan on the bus there. The bus actually broke down about an hour in. Everyone was only speaking in Fijian and we didn’t know what was going on. Luckily a nice lady beside me explained where we were and what was happening. After about 45 minutes, the “problem” was fixed and we kept going. It was a silly experience. (Overall I liked it hehe)
Simon studying on the beach. Yeah USP students.
I do my Managerial Accounting in style

Sea kayaking down a little stream
The best fish picture I got… the water was reallllly murky here


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