to tide you/me over…

I’ve had a busy past week and a busy upcoming week full of school, travelling, eating, and canoe practise. Last weekend I had an epic weekend filled with whitewater rafting and snorkeling. It was nothing short of amazing!!! This weekend is a big trip planned to an island off of the North of Viti Levu. Everyone has been jamming in lots of hostelling before school picks up and this weekend is our only long weekend! The two weekends after this one I will be staying in the city (which I am looking forward to as well).

Meanwhile, I will share with you two lovely things about the food here:

1. The produce

All this garb for less than $10FJD! Everything was local and so fresh and SO DELICIOUS

I have mastered how to cut a pineapple to maximize fruit left on the core. Come visit and I will show you, hehe.

It’s really easy to eat local here, which is awesome. And cheap! I can’t get used to how cheap food is. You can get a loaf of bread for less than one dollar, a chicken pot pie for less than 2.50 and tuna and potato rotis for 2.00 (all in FJD). Ridiculous! Tuesday is my roti day because I have eight hours of class and barely any breaks in between.

But even though food is cheap, it’s hard to get a lot of things that I am used to. Dairy and things like beans/chickpeas/canned tomatoes etc are really hard to get.

2. These corn snacks

I don’t think these are that good for you but MAN they are delicious. Think of a Frito but less crunchy and more airy and way tastier. I also tried a different one called Corn Chevda and the best way I can describe it is a cornflake that tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios mixed with a spicy Mr Noodles pack. Yeah, very strange. But good.


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