upper navua river rafting

Last last Saturday, I spent the day with three of my buds and the Suva Rucksack Club whitewater rafting down the Upper Navua river. Three other USP international students came as well: Cindy (from SFU!), Megan (from St Louis, Missouri) and Corey (from San Diego, California). It was a great day!

The day started pretty early as we had to meet everyone at 5:30 am in the city. 5:30 am must not be early because as soon as we arrived in the city there were piles and piles of people everywhere. The clubs had just closed – we even ran into a group of our friends heading back home as we were leaving campus.

The bus ride was longer than we expected. About one hour on the normal road and then one hour in land. The road was really, really bumpy. We all had to sign waivers before we rafted, and as we started on the road we joked that the waiver was for the bus and not for the rafting. Not going to lie, that was the most terrifying part. We spent 4-5 hours rafting, paddling and drifting down the river. Unfortunately we were there at the lowest level of water (rapids were kind of tame), but it was still awesome!!! The scenery was amazing and it was all perfect. Our raft ended up with an awesome raft guide named Joe who we got along with really well. He told us how to say no worries in Fiji (sega na lega – pronounced senga na lenga) and taught us common names for animals including “bulacow – what to call a cow if you don’t know the gender” and “horsey – because horse is too boring”. Joe also pointed out lots of flora as we passed by different types of bamboo plants. Luckily no one “found themselves a swimma”, though I did get close to being tossed out a few times. Totally worth it. Along the way, we passed by lots of little waterfalls and we even got the chance to swing on a vine into the water and go into a huge waterfall. It was really great!!!

After I came back from the weekend, I looked at my map again and realized that we really went quite far! Practically 1/4 of Fiji (I exaggerate slightly).

The green arrow is where we started, and the red arrow is where we stopped. All those tags are places I have been so far in Fiji!
I think we all got wet on this one

All the photos/videos in this post are a combination of my pictures, Cindy’s pictures, Corey’s videos and pictures from a Rivers Fiji cd that “accidentally” fell out of the CD burner into the hands of our guides into our hands.

The road. Thank goodness for four wheel drive! This makes the cottage laneway look like a piece of cake
Corey’s permanent crash position. I was deathgripping the seat in front of me. The seat we sat on in the back with one other guy (Steven) was mighty sketch.
All ready to go! Megan, Cindy, me, Corey
Permagrin (also, sweet camera haha)
Permagrin! And Joe!
Getting wet by waterfalls
Conveniently placed water drop, hehe. Sorry Cindy!!
It was so beautiful going through the canyon. It also made me crave some rock climbing. The rocks here look awesome to climb but they are all so wet and in a conservation area.

“If you find yourself a-swimma”
This is another raft. No one fell out of our raft.

Megan and Cindy when we stopped for lunch
Me on the vine!
All the girls and the organizer Val
It’s really hard to keep your eyes open under a waterfall. It also stretched our clothes to like 6x the size they used to be, haha.
Deflating the raft!
The group with our rolled-up raft

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