nananu-i-ra island

Last weekend, USP students had a long weekend so 12 (mainly) international students decided to head up to Nananu-I-Ra island. It is near Rakiraki, just off the North coast of Viti Levu. I ended up going for four nights.

I had an amazing time on Nananu-I-Ra and staying at Safari Lodge. The lodge was so home-y and the family that owns it and the staff that works there were so nice. It was not uncommon for an extra dessert to “fall off the table” into our hands, even though we cooked almost all meals. I really liked it there, I might go back and do my dive cert there.

The trip there was an interesting and fun adventure. We took the bus in the evening, so it got dark as we were on the bus. They are doing a lot of road improvements on that route so we had to take a lot of detours. Most of them were because they were fixing the main bridge and had a secondary bridge set up to get past the rivers. They were.. narrow.. small.. and..sketchy looking. We all survived, though sometimes I felt like the bus was bigger than the bridge.

Most of the weekend was spent snorkeling off the beach near the lodge, on the North side of the island and from a boat on an outer reef. Snorkeling there was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It was amazing!! The coral seemed to go on for ages and ages. Think football fields after football fields of coral.

The beach in front of Safari Lodge
On the first and second day we hiked over the island to the North side to do some snorkeling
Beautiful beach with no one on it. Called “One Beach”
Papaya tree!
Laurel, Adrienne, Rachael, Courtney and Marty

Mmm.. fresh coconut
Feeding the fish our moldy bread

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