snorkelling at nananu-i-ra island

(Side note.. is it snorkelling or snorkeling? Is this an American or British spelling thing? Should I write it like they would in Canada or in Fiji? Very confusing)

As mentioned earlier, we did a ton of snorkeling over the Nananu-I-Ra long weekend. Here is a collection of pictures from that weekend. These pictures/videos were taken on the North of the island (One Beach), to the East of the island (right off the beach and towards Dolphin Island – a resort that costs $24 000 US dollars for four nights and only has capacity for 8 people.. must be a famous person destination), and also on the trip we took to an outer reef.

I can’t take credit for all of these pictures/videos, they are a combination of work from John, Corey and I.

Those two blobs of coral were HUGE!! The size of a car each at least
I loved diving as deep as I could to just surround myself by coral. I can’t wait to get my scuba certification because I think I will really love it. The ocean here is very warm but I need to get a wet suit or a rashguard before I go out the next time because I kept getting cold and having to come in. For the big reef trip we could borrow wet suits for free.
This was my favourite fish, a semicircle angelfish I think – the blue was electric and bright.. kind of like a LightBright!! It was really neat. I only saw one of these bad boys.
A sea star I stumbled upon as I was kicking back to shore
This is my absolute favourite kind of coral. It is a bright lime green-ish colour and it reminds me of mitochondria. I get stoked every time I see it.
Possibly a blackstripe cardinal fish?
Over the few days, we saw a couple of lobsters
A big clam

Other sea life we saw that is not featured here was an octopus, four cuttlefish (that changed colour!), sea cucumbers, a sea snake, and lots and lots of fish.

Videos after the break!

Unfortunately I did not see the sting ray (was a bit ahead of the group), but a lot of others did!


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