hibiscus festival pt 1 and 2

The Hibiscus Festival happens in Suva once a year for about nine days. It is basically a carnival with rides, games, street food, concerts and shows. I went on Sunday and last night.

The rides are.. something else. Imagine a North American carnival ride but think way more rusty and way faster. So far I’ve been on the ferris wheel twice, the “sizzler” (like the scrambler) and the octopus.

The ferris wheels are out of this world. They go about 1.5 times the speed that I think they should go and you get tossed around a lot. I’m pretty sure the carts would rotate all the way around and dump everyone out if you lean far enough forward too. If there is no one in line, they will keep you on the ferris wheel. The first ride I was on it for 20 minutes!! The ferris wheels cost $2FJD to ride.. good value. The second time I went on it the ride lights kept shutting off and someone would run away, we would wait five minutes and then the lights would turn on again and the guy would run back. Then they’d restart the wheel again (I think they might have been overloading the fuse or something like that…)

I have never felt so sick from a ferris wheel before!!!

The sizzler/scrambler was pretty much the exact same as back home but went way faster! It was a lot of fun.

The guy operating the sizzler. He is very chill. Glad the ride is operated by his foot and that lever. I’m pretty sure the ferris wheel ride ONLY had a brake because as they were trying to fix it one guy would jump out of the seat and the ferris wheel would start moving a bit and then another guy would jump on the seat and pull the lever back again.

The first day I tried a lot of the food too, yay sharesies. I tried samosas, fish & chips, ice cream, chicken kebabs, an Indian donut and a chicken donair-like wrap. The samosas were the best!

Two guys cooking BBQ. I haven’t tried it yet, but this is a common site around town. Some people have bbq grills on their front lawns.

I’m planning on going one last time on closing night. Should be good!


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