hobie sailing with fiji hobie

There is a small hobie club beside USP and I have been drooling over the boats since I got here (where we paddle is right beside the club). Luckily last Sunday I got a chance to sail at their open house!

They sent two people and one skipper out on the boat to try out sailing. The skippers were all young and very good – the Fiji national champion was there as well as a couple that have come top 10 in the world!

It was unlike any sailing that I have done before as the boats are so light and the sails are so big compared to the size of the boat. The boats go really fast and you get totally drenched. They loosened up the boats and said they were only going at about 1/2 of the speed they normally go (12 knots instead of 22-23), but it was so fast and so fun!

Sailing is so cool.

This photo makes it look like a pretty calm day, but it was a super windy day!

That’s Megan and I in the pink/red boat! So much fun.
Photo from fijihobie.com

I know I keep saying this, but genuinely, this was my favourite thing I have done here. We are trying to get a USP Sailing Club together and they are offering an Intro Hobie weekend in a couple of weeks, so I am crossing my fingers it all works out. I’m thinking that since I am here for a year, it might be worth it to invest some money and time into it because I could learn a lot and really improve. I feel like it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the possibility of sailing was one of the main reasons I came to Fiji. I will have to do some thinking over the next couple of weeks! I can’t wait to get into the harness.


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