new zealand, booked!

I am booked for New Zealand! I leave on December 1st, 2012 to Auckland (about a week after exams end) and come back to Fiji on February 11th (about a week before classes restart). I am unbelievably excited for ten weeks in Kiwi-a-gogo land! Seems like I will be celebrating Christmas, New Years and my 20th birthday there. Hooya!

Air Pacific is having a 50% off sale today (what prompted me to buy my flights) and it’s so tempting. So far I’ve heard that other international students are going to Samoa, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia. I am tempted by Kiribati… that would be amazing!!


One thought on “new zealand, booked!

  1. I had 3 weeks in NZ and thought it was like a mini world with the mountains deserts geysers etc. empty and beautiful. Send me your email address please

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