Rose’s Travel Reviews

Rivers Fiji River Rafting: Picturesque and super fun. Try to go when the water is high. Be prepared for a big hike up a hill after the trip. One of my favourite things I have done so far.

Suva: Ride a bus, go to the market, go to the clubs, eat a chicken pie from the Hot Bread Kitchen, see a movie at the cinema and eat a lot of candy, go to the Hibiscus Festival (August), eat rotis, try a Hobie if you can.

Stay in a village (my experience): If you can work it out. You’ll have fun and probably drink lots of grog.

Levuka: If you are already on Ovalau, you could stop by, but I think I would rather spend more time in Suva.


Coral Coast: Nice beaches and average snorkeling. Weather is variable.

  • Mango Bay Resort: Has snorkeling right off the beach. You can surf here and they have a lot of activities but nothing amazing. The staff is really friendly and there a lot of young folk around on the nights that FeeJee Experience stays there. Definitely more backpacker/flashpacker geared. I stayed in the 8-person dorm.
  • The Beachouse: Has snorkeling, but a little farther out (when I went we took a kayak out). They have more activities going on. A young folk place as well. They have a kitchen. I usually recommend Beachouse over Mango Bay to fellow backpackers. I stayed in the 6-person dorm and it was clean.

Nadi Airport: Murky water. Hot weather.

  • Smugglers Beach Resort: Not much to do. A lot of people stay here before/after flying. I stayed in the 34-person dorm (surprisingly well set up and not too noisy).

Nanuna-I-Ra: A beautiful, small island with lots of snorkeling! More on the dry side of Fiji, but definitely on the border.

  • Safari Lodge: Small, home-y and Aussie. I really liked it here, they treated you really well. The food is all home-cooked and tasty. Everyone eats their meals together. They also have a kitchen, but no fridge. Make sure you pay the $45 to snorkel in the outer reef. If you have time/feel up to, hike over the island to the North side and snorkel there. You will be by yourself and it’s amaaaaazing. They have windsurfing and kiteboarding here, definitely a place where people are looking for adventure. I stayed in their 4-person dorm (right beside the kitchen so you better be an early riser). I had friends that stayed at another place and they didn’t like it as much.

Recommended Activites (by other people)

  • Shark Dive by AquaTrek in Pacific Harbour
  • Snorkel on Mana Island
  • See the manta rays (one group I ran into recommended Barefoot Lodge over Manta Ray Island)
  • See the dolphins at Moon Reef
  • Stay on Leleuvia Island, you’ll probably be the only people there
  • Snorkel and stay on Beqa Island
  • Go to Taveuni and go on the natural rock slide

Bus Companies

  • Coral Sun – Most expensive. If you pre-book, you should have a guaranteed seat. Stops at all the resorts along the way.
  • Sunbeam – Maybe a few dollars more expensive than Pacific, but stops way less.
  • Pacific – The cheapest. It’s possible that it will break down, but it’s the cheapest. You’ll get there eventually. It stops a lot and for long periods of time.

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