two new things

Last week I experienced two new things. One was going to see a movie in Fiji and the other was donating blood!

Everyone had been telling me that going to the cinema would be very different from back home and to be prepared for noise, people moving around and generally just a good time instead of a typical quiet theatre. It really wasn’t like that at all! The only thing that made it different from what I am used to is that it had an AWESOME candy bar with one foot long gummy snakes, gummy flies, gummy pineapples, sour straws, Coke gummy worms and chocolate covered Crunchie bites. Extra yum. By the way, The Campaign was not that great. The candy made up for it.

They had a blood drive on campus last Thursday and I thought that I would try to donate because I am pretty sure that once I get back to Canada I won’t be able to donate for a while. I feel like the experience was similar to how it would be to give blood about 10 years ago. Their pre-screen is a lot less lengthy, they didn’t have the machine that moves the blood around, and they didn’t put any gauze over where the needle sticks into to you so you don’t see it (oh hey there’s something in my arm). The only part that made me a bit nervous was that they initially turned me away because my blood pressure was too low and told me to come back after eating something. I still don’t think I made the minimum requirements… I felt fine after donating. Instead of just getting cookies and juice, here you get half a sandwich, an apple wedge and a chunk of papaya. SCORE!

All the blood bags get put into a cooler with a couple of ice packs… hope it stays okay…

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