awesome weekend in suva

Last weekend was a jam-packed weekend filled with friends, hiking, swimming, and sailing. It was top notch!

Friday, I got to meet up with Sami, a friend from Bureta. That was really nice. We also tried to go see the drag show at the Hibiscus Festival, but the tickets were sold out (boo).

There were so many people there!

Saturday night was closing night at the Hibiscus festival and I went with two of my friends, Rosi and Sivoki, that I met through my Earth Science class. This is the first time in university where I’ve had lab partners and have had to do labs! The class is not my favourite, but these girls definitely make up for it. We spent the night hanging with some of their family and friends and some of my new buddies. The whole city was jam-packed with people! A few of us went to the club after the festival and even there there were a lot of people everywhere!

Orange and chocolate chip ice cream. Verdict: yum
Rosi, me and Voki
We all got hot dogs for dinner. I tried a Fijian version of a chilli dog. It had lamb chilli on it and mustard and probably a few others things. I was a bit surprised that I liked it, actually! I have tried a few other lamb things here and I haven’t really liked them.
Me and Joe! (Recognize him from the rafting trip, he was our raft guide!) He was in town so we met up with him. This was right before we got on “the cage” which is like the Zipper at the SuperEx but you can control the cage with a lever and it is round like a ferris wheel. Despite being a raft guide every single day, I was surprised by how much he screamed on the ride… hehe I’m teasing. It was a lot of fun and I am glad we met up!

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to go out sailing again on the Hobie. The wind was much calmer this time and Epeli, my sail guide, was teaching me how to tack and jibe again. Everything is slowly coming back to me! He was a great teacher and really patient. He is actually only in Form 6! I’m pretty sure that is the equivalent of his second last year of high school. I can’t wait to get on the water again!

I also went hiking at the Colo-I-Suva Forest Park and hiked Mt Korobaba! It was a big weekend. Posts about these will follow.




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