colo-i-suva forest park

Last Saturday, the International Student Association organized a trip to Colo-I-Suva Forest Park just outside of Suva. (pronounced tholo-ee-suva) It is a large park filled with trails that walk by pools and waterfalls. The best part was swinging on the rope swing into the lower pool.

Me and Courtney walking on the road into the park
I think this was the upper pools

Here’s a video of me on rope swing from the lower level:

There were two levels that you could jump off of for the rope swing, so I started with the lower level and moved to the upper level.

Getting ready…

Who was more graceful, Manuel or me?

Jumping off the second level was actually quite scary. (and I love heights!!!)

It was a good day trip, lots of fun. You can actually take public transportation there which is awesome. (the public transit is awesome here)


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