hiking near suva

The approach

Last weekend, a big group of USP students went to hike Mt Korobaba. It is just outside of Suva and is 429 m tall. There were four international students and three local students (who had been there before). The trail was decently marked and was not too challenging. It was an incline for the first bit, then up and down for the next part and then very steep for the last part. It took us about 1.5 hours to go from the bottom to the top.

Happy hikers

The view was great – you could see all of Suva and its surrounding islands. We could see the sand bank that we sailed to earlier that morning. We could also see Ovalau (East), Kadavu (South), Beqa (South), Yanuca (South) and almost all the way Pacific Harbour (West). (Harbor? Harbour? .. very confused)

The group! Me, Teddy, Eric, Corey, Maria, Leba and Jasha
Suva, Fiji’s most populated city
Looking to the west, here reef-y reef-y reef-y

At the top we hung out and chatted for quite a while. It was good fun and really great to meet everyone more (though I realized throughout the afternoon that I think I had met everyone earlier from sailing the week prior or through paddling).

Banana’s brother
Coming down was pretty slippery

The way down was a lot more challenging because it was very muddy. It was easy to slip or lose your footing. Jasha and Leba did it in flip flops though… it seems like everyone in Fiji wears flip flops every day! I am still building up my flip flop tolerance (baby feet). On the way down we stopped to look at citrus trees, eat sugar cane and some other things like that. Apparently there are pools near the bottom that you can jump into, but it was pretty dark when we were coming down.

Joske’s Thumb, this weekend’s (intended) project!

From the top of Mt Korobaba, you can see Joske’s Thumb in the distance (the spire). That was supposed to be today’s project, but unfortunately it didn’t really work out (sad face). We set our alarms for 5:00am this morning, but when that time rolled around it was pouring. We didn’t end up going, but we should have. The rain must have stopped very soon after because the day was either sunny or cloudy for most of the rest of the day, and not too hot. It bums you out when things like that happen (especially when they involve potential climbing), but they just happen…. Guess we’ll try again in a few weeks!

In other news, on Friday night a bunch of us went to my friend Smith’s house for dinner. He cooked us delicious asian food, but the ABSOLUTE BEST part was that he served tuna sashimi. It was delicious and melt in your mouth good. It had been caught the day before, and been delivered to Smith (he has a fish man!!! I want a fish connection!!). Yummmmm!!!


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