I keep liking hobie sailing more and more every day.

Corey and I walked down to the Hobie club this morning to see if anything was going on. Lucky for us, they were sailing and invited us in. The winds were high today and Grahame (the main instructor) told us that we would be trying the trapeze for the first time. We practised a bit on land at first – they taught us how to hook the trapeze on and how to put your weight on the trapeze (the trapeze just hooks on to your harness so if you don’t have your weight low enough, the hook will slide off and you’ll lean back and fall into the water). Sounds likely to happen if your name starts with R and ends in marie.

Then we went out. Grahame was the skipper and I was the crew. After one practise run being out on the trapeze we started going ultra-fast and tacking. It was awesome!!! It feels really cool to be out past the boat and be going so quickly!!! I feel like I live in a harness back home so dangling off the side of the boat holding onto barely anything felt way better than fine. I definitely need to work on getting back on the boat from the trapeze. I don’t think flailing is smooth moves.

After sailing I went into town to look for rashguards and wet suits. On the way back, while the bus was driving through Suva I just couldn’t help but think again about how lucky I am to be living here. I don’t just mean sailing, I mean living in a totally different place than back home. There are so many differences from back home and I feel like I make at least 10 new discoveries every day. In Vancouver you’d never have someone trying to sell you a roti as you board an open window bus that is playing music really loud. Or have everyone you pass on the street smile and say “bula” at you.


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