It was raining a lot this morning when I woke up so I decided to actually check the weather:

I like the descriptions: “tons of rain” “showery”. Tons of rain explains the weather today accurately. The covered walkways and the rain reminds me a lot of Vancouver, d’aww.

I’ve finalized my plans for spring break (next week!). From Friday to Sunday, I am taking an introductory hobie sailing course with the Fiji Hobie 252 fleet. I am really, really looking forward to that! Sunday evening will involve a quick hop over to Nadi and then from Monday to Sunday I am going to three islands in the Yasawas. The plan is to snorkel, visit caves, see manta rays and hike. I can’t wait!

But before I go on break I have to work a bit. I had my first midterm last week for my public policy class which went well. I also had my managerial accounting earlier this week and it was very long. The room I was in had about 200 people and no one left when they said we had sat the minimum amount of time. I have not had it happen where no one leaves! I couldn’t finish it on time but I still think I did well (probably still an A!) and definitely better than average. My last midterm before the break is tomorrow (Earth Science).

My classes here vary greatly in quality. Two of my classes are better than classes I would get back home; either they are better set up or have smaller class sizes. One class is average/pretty normal for a first year class. My last class though is terrible. The professor has been teaching the class for ages but it’s like he’s reading his PowerPoint slides for the first time ever. The main thing that I have learned in that class is that “you can read about these points at home” (because he doesn’t know what they mean either!). I’m wondering if there are less teaching evaluations here than back home. In what I’ve seen so far there is a big difference between my local professors and my visiting professors (all my visiting professors definitely know what they are talking about! and more!). Visiting professors are usually here on two to three year contracts, and there are a lot of them.


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