remembering mom

I am writing this before I leave for my trip, but today marks the day where my family lost a great member five years ago. A lot has changed in the past five years, but I think that my mom would be really happy to see where we are all at. I wish I could share all my experiences with her.

My dad, sister and I spend a lot of time apart because we live so far, but it was really nice being back together last Christmas, with Kate, Winnie and Callum too. I hope it happens again sometime soon, and with Scott there too.

Living a healthy, busy and balanced life is what I think Mom taught everyone around her. She was a fearless leader.


4 thoughts on “remembering mom

  1. Hi Rose,
    I posted a similar comment on Katrina’s blog to say that I think it is great to publicly remember your mom on her anniversary and to share photos of her with everyone. I am looking at the photos and smiling and crying at the same time…not sure how this is possible but it is. I like the photo of the 4 of you in bed together. And Kuo’s smile in the 2nd last photo reminds me of Katrina’s smile. Yes, there is no question your mom would definately be proud of her daughters.

  2. ❤ love to you rose. missing you, but it looks like you are having an amazing experience and i am sure your mom would be so proud of you! she looks like a wonderful lady.
    it's great being able to check in with this blog and keep up with all of your adventures 🙂

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