fitting in

I am back from my trip to the Yasawas and all settled again. It was amazing and I have a ton to blog about. I’m officially done all my midterms now, I had the last one today.

Lately I have been struggling a lot mentally with trying to incorporate myself into the culture here. Before the break a lot of students were asking me what I was doing over the break and a lot of them were jealous that I ‘got to go’ to the Yasawas. A lot of people here have lived in Suva or somewhere nearby for their whole life and have never had the chance to see their country. It is too expensive to travel. It makes me feel weird because travelling here for me, most of the time, is very affordable compared to back home. I’ve seen more of Fiji in two months than people here have seen in their lifetime.

Some of my friends were explaining to me how studying scholarships work at USP. Basically, if you have good enough grades in high school you can go to university and be on scholarship for the whole thing. You also get a textbook allowance. My friend told me that she wouldn’t be able to afford textbooks if she didn’t have her allowance.

The Global Links exchange students stay in a special apartment building on campus and included in their rent is a cleaning lady. She isn’t employed by the university (they are supposed to pay well), but she only gets $65 per week.

It definitely puts things into perspective. The Yasawas were great, but it is 95% tourist town. I’d say the majority of the people on the transfer boat are from Australia or New Zealand (makes sense, it’s their winter). The Yasawas were beautiful and the geography was similar to the mainland. But it isn’t the Fiji that I am liking more and more every day. It’s somewhere else.

Needless to say, I have a ton to share with you guys about the Yasawas. It was unreal. But first I am going to share with you some pictures of Suva and more what I see ‘Fiji’ as. I haven’t taken that many pictures in town because it makes you stand out a bit more, but I found these online.

this hits home for Suva
in Suva
a small section of the market in Suva
this is in Nadi, which is very similar to Suva

And lastly, this is a very silly, but EXTREMELY accurate picture of the busses here.

Ahahhaa it cracks me up every time, but it’s a little less funny when you are standing in the cloud. This is one of the three busses that goes to USP. This one plays the loudest music and goes along the edge of the peninsula.

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