intro hobie course

I am done all my midterms! Only one more group project and then I am past the first busy time and can cruise into finals comfortably. My midterms have gone well so far: Managerial Accounting: A! Earth Science: A+! Managing Change in the Public Service: A+! I haven’t received my Human Resource Management paper back yet.

For the first 2/3 days of my mid-semester break I took the Hobie Sailing course. It was good fun. The first day was extra windy which was great for awesome sailing but not very good for learning. Our skipper Mica refused to capsize so we avoided it all day (but got reeaaally close). Others were not so lucky… one boat capsized at least five times! Here is a montage of how Saturday looked:

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The second day was a lot better because the wind was calmer. By that time Mica was more confident with us and with our excellent sailing skills (and probably also didn’t think we were going to die the whole time) so we pretty much did everything and he just told us when we sucked. Baha not really, he was very helpful and patient. He is 20 years old and has sailed in regattas in cool places like Thailand and Australia. I’m jealous.

I almost forgot! Saturday evening we had a BBQ social after the course at the Royal Suva Yacht Club. (In a different location from the Hobie club) We had one of the most delicious meals ever there. Grahame (the president of the hobie club) is also the owner of Fiji Fish, a huge wholesale tuna exporter. They export tuna to the US, Japan and Europe. We feasted on steak, salads, potato/sweet potato salads, sausages, tuna sashimi, seared tuna steaks and chocolate eclairs for dessert. The tuna had just been caught the day before and was really fresh and so so so so delicious. Yummmm.


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