fiji economy update

Yesterday, Laurel and I went to the Fiji Economy Update 2012 hosted by USP. It was an all day event with professors from all the universities talking about research in economics that they have been doing. USP IS a pretty influential school, considering it is the only major public institution in the area.

Some of the talks went right over my head. The ones that I do remember were the professors talking about the economic impact of the 2009 flooding, the affordability of housing, and a talk about poverty and gender links. I’m not sure what I gained from the day, but the flooding talk and the squatter settlement talk links DIRECTLY to what I am studying in my policy class.

We also got a delicious lunch.


We also maybe spent too much time with each other that day.

The weekend was pretty good. Friday night the student society threw a big social night which was basically like a middle school dance but with cheap beer. And on Sunday I got to sail for a long time with the boys. They were being extra silly and it was a lot of fun. I fixed the pictures from my intro hobie sailing course post, I added a few more photos here.

I have been having an intense gecko problem lately. My fishphobia has been replaced with an irrational fear of the geckos (batrachophobia?). They used to just hang out on the walls, but I have seen them on my bed posts, IN my bed, running into my pile of folded clothes in my closet (!! why) and lastly HALF A GECKO in the bottom of my trash can. Still alive too!! He didn’t have a tail and only had three limbs. Traumatizing.


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