Rose’s Travel Tips – Fiji – 2nd Edition

 To carry with you:

  • A thin sheet sewn in half so you don’t have to worry about dirty sheets or bed bugs.

To bring from home:

  • All clothes and footwear you need – It’s a bit hard to find the right sizes here
  • One sweater – It gets chilly at night sometimes
  • Spice pack– Oregano, basil, cayenne… just a few spices when you want to cook something that tastes like home


  • Keep your eye out for Air Pacific Sales. All flights were 50% off for a couple days in August!
  • All MHs and a lot of corner stores have cheap ice cream bars that are between 50 and 95 cents. So delicious.
  • Try the Maggi Curry instant noodles. They are the most spicy instant noodles I have ever had.
  • The juice outside of the market in the big containers is fresh and delicious! A cup ranges between 30 and 70 cents.
  • Try the Indian dried snacks that come in small clear packages. I like all the chevda’s. These are very sodiYUM and full of lovely things like MSG (mmm).
  • If you get sick, or need xrays, go to the Suva Private Hospital.

Advice – Yasawa’s:

  • Water is significantly cheaper on the flyer, stock up because you can’t drink the water at most resorts.
  • If you end up at a resort with hot water, cherish it.
  • Bring snacks, most resorts are on 3 meals/day and you’ll get hungry.
  • Stay places that are locally owned. Spend your money where it matters. You’ll have a better time and avoid the crowd.
  • Bring your own snorkel gear, you’ll save about $10/day/person.
  • Pick a way to travel, either South to North or North to South.
  • If you’re unsure about a place, just book one night and then decide whether you want to stay extra days or not.
  • The Bula Pass allows you unlimited travel
  • You can either book ahead through Awesome Adventures, just get the Bula pass and see how things go or go directly to the resorts. Advantages of booking ahead through AA: nothing to worry about, no boat transfer rates, easy. Just Bula Pass advantages: Flexible to go where you want to go depending on weather/who you meet/if a place rocks. Booking direct advantages: Probably the cheapest, the only way to camp, more chances the resorts get more money directly.

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