happy fiji day! (and belated canadian thanksgiving)

Today (October 10th) is Fiji Day! It is a beautiful, sunny day and it is HOT.

Today a big group of the international students went to KilaWorld (a high ropes/zip line adventure park). It was good fun. Later I’m planning on heading into the city to hang out, but right now I need to take a break for a bit and give my sunburn a rest (ow, whyyy).

I didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving this past weekend. The two other Canadian girls from SFU and I were thinking of making some sort of dinner, but the plans kind of got sideshifted when we realized that we had no oven, we don’t know where to get turkey and one of the girls is vegetarian. Ermmm..mashed potatoes anyone? It was nice seeing everyone’s Thanksgiving pictures on Facebook, but I’m not even bummed that I missed out. It really doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving… the weather is getting hotter not colder and the leaves are still on the trees. I can’t believe it’s October!!! It feels like forever July.

I’ve just been up to usual Suva-life lately… watching movies and cooking with friends from my classes, cooking new things (this past week-ish was mahi mahi and fresh tuna!), hitting the market on Saturday mornings, doing classwork, swimming at the school pool, and going to the clubs on the weekend. I’ve seen a lot of movies lately (in and out of the theatre). At the theatre I’ve seen Hotel Transylvania, Taken 2 and Pitch Perfect. Hotel Transylvania was cute. On Saturday I went to the fish market and it was cool/traumatizing. Some of the fish were so incredibly large which makes me never want to go into the ocean ever again (their teeth!!!!). Yecch.


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