busy suva weekend

Dillon’s birthday at O’s
Aggie (middle) threw a house party on Friday
Mariyama, Maria, Rosi and me

On Saturday night, Rosi invited me to a dinner that her mom was going to. She was in town for the Republic of Fiji Military Wives Annual Tournament and the dinner was their awards diner on the final night. The tournament is a volleyball and netball competition.

Everyone was dressed up and I wore a chamba. I borrowed it from a friend who received it as a gift during the first week she was here. It was a bit big, but luckily the skirt didn’t fall off. There were about 500 people there and everyone was very dressed up. All the teams had matching chambas. The prime minister and prime minister’s wife were both there! (Fiji has a prime minister and a president. The prime minister is the head of government and the president is the head of state – more of a signing figure.)

This is in Vodafone arena, where basically any big event is held (church, dances, concerts, even exams!)

Rosi’s mom and me

The food was good, we had dalo, curry, chop suey, stew, rice, fish, chicken, and probably more things that I am forgetting. You could tell it was a special meal because there was a lot of meat.. multiple kinds of beef, pork, chicken and fish! I couldn’t finish it all (not even close). The whole event was quite silly. At one point the band started playing a dance-y song, and a whole bunch of ladies rushed up and grabbed the prime minister and prime minister’s wife and dragged them on the dance floor. Everyone screamed in response. And while they were giving away the awards, people would run up and accept other people’s awards and then run over to who actually won the award and ‘present’ it to them, haha.

The prime minister and prime minister’s wife

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