gold coast sevens

Fiji won the Gold Coast Sevens rugby tournament last weekend. I knew the tournament was going on the whole weekend… I saw lots of people watching the game but it was pretty uneventful. Until the final!! I was sitting in my room chatting with Megan and all of a sudden I hear my whole block screaming in sync. There were tons of people in every common room yelling at the TV, it reminded me of the NHL playoffs in dorms. Canada didn’t do very well (not surprised).

I had been thinking this week that I have way more free time here than I usually do. I knew my classes were easier but I didn’t think by THAT much. I realized it is because I am not climbing anymore! For the past while I had been climbing about three times a week, and I am now cold turkey. I need a new hobby until I get to New Zealand.

Today I talked to my dad and Kate for just about two hours in total! They got Skype working and I got to chat with them. It was really nice talking to them.



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