fiji fashion week 2012 + sailing times

This past weekend was very busy! Friday was pretty laid back, just went out to dinner with a couple of friends. Saturday morning, John and Corey and I hiked up Joske’s Thumb, which is a nearby inactive volcanic plug. I still need to get pictures from John about that, so I will blog about that later! Saturday evening I went to Fiji Fashion Week, and Sunday I had an awesome day sailing and ate out at Ashiyana (pretty much the BEST Indian restaurant of allllll times, soo tastyy mmm).

Fiji Fashion Week was pretty fun! It was almost like watching Project Runway, but without Michael Kors. It pushed me to keep making my own clothes and jewellery again… not really doing that in Fiji. They gave away free tickets to USP students to sit in the nosebleed section.. I tried to go with my friend Moni from my accounting tutorial but she wasn’t able to get a ticket unfortunately. 😦 So after much convincing, I decided to go by myself.

I liked this one
And this one

There were two collections that I really liked.. the first one had a lot of nice clothes and there was a beachwear collection in the middle that had really nice clothes.

Some of the collections had traditional Fiji-style elements
Definitely ready to wear
It’s like Kat’s tin foil skirt!

Sunday was a good day of sailing. Grahame (the Fleet president) was back from his trip and he gave us a lesson. Lately I have been crewing with Deb (one of the ladies in charge) and we are… definitely learning. To put it nicely, hehe. Grahame would drive around in the motor boat and ‘teach’ us. And by teaching us, it usually involved him screaming at the top of his lungs “What the hell are you doing???” “Is that how you handle a jib sheet???” “You have no plan!!!” “Where are you going????”. (some of these statements are censored) I feel like I am learning more and more, and I do like that he is so straightforward. I am hoping that I will be able to do some more skipper-ing of the hobies, but it’s pretty expensive to do that.

Last week I was a little all over the place, but this week I have been more focused. I have eight days of school left, and two papers due before then. I just finished my major Accounting assignment (which turned out to be 9 pages!!!). I am still figuring out my study break plans but I do know that I will have to study!! All my finals are worth at least 50% of my grade. I will be meeting Mary Ellen and Paul in Savusavu, and I haven’t decided if I will go earlier and go up to Taveuni before meeting them. I’m taking the ferry there most likely, and I booked a cheap flight back from Savusavu on the Sunday before exams start (I can’t wait!! Hoping for a clear day). That night will also be Helenka’s last night in Fiji, so I will be meeting up with her then! Then, Mary Ellen and Paul will be back in Suva the weekend in the middle of the two weeks of exams. I am reallyyyy looking forward to seeing them both!

(Despite being a little more focused, I JUST realized why there was no one in my tutorial this morning… I showed up an hour early!! Haha)


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