joske’s thumb

Joske’s thumb is an inactive volcanic plug that is about twenty minutes by bus outside of Suva. John, Corey and I attacked it last weekend.

what it should look like
what it looked like when we climbed

We got off the bus and started walking down the road. Eventually we got to a village where we had to ask permission to climb the mountain. We were planning on bringing a sevusevu (kava offering) but the market was, surprisingly, still closed when we left Suva. We left early because we didn’t know how long it would take. He made us pay a fee and then told some kids in the village to bring us up the mountain.

It took us about two hours to get up. It started off with a very muddy and wet trail (my running shoe came completely off at one point and then started getting sucked into the mud), and then we crossed a couple streams, and then eventually it was lots of jungle-y hiking straight up. I struggled a lot with the hike, more than I should have. Not sure why as I had a decent sleep and a big breakfast. I’m sure if I wasn’t there, it would have only taken them an hour or maybe an hour and a half to get to the top.

Unfortunately it was cloudy when we got to the top of the hike, but it was still well worth it. Only a couple of people have ever gotten to the topmost peak of the Thumb… apparently it even took Edmund Hillary two tries to get to the top. We didn’t try going higher. It would involve some scamble-y climbing, but the rock was very loose.

sfu business has a contest where we’re supposed to take pictures with that bandana

Coming down was very silly, and we all went down at least once. Some parts were really steep going up and we had to downclimb backwards. When we reached the bottom we rinsed off in the streams and emptied our shoes of all the mud. Soaking wet, but happy, we got back on the bus and headed back to Suva.


2 thoughts on “joske’s thumb

    1. i wore my junko smello shoes, my pink shoes are still pretty pink
      aha i think this was the first place that john brought it. i am always outnumbered

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