off to vanua levu!

These past two weeks have been busy with setting off loads of fireworks (they are ultra cheap for Diwali), going to the USP Got Talent show (really silly and really fun), the international farewell party, Halloween at Uprising (a resort one hour away, Mallory and I dressed up like Miss Piggy and Kermit), a lecture on the safety and efficacy of kava, movies (Lawless, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Argo (I liked this one!!) and a Walk to Remember), dinners with friends and term papers. At Uprising, I got to test drive my tent! (verdict: HOT)

Yesterday I got turned down at the blood clinic, thumbs down. The guy remembered me and I think he remembered that I had pretty low blood pressure when I came the first time. He said that I should wait three months between giving blood (the pamphlet says 2), but another girl in my building has given blood once a month for the past three months!

This past week was a little rough around the edges… I’m really glad I’ll be getting a big taste of home soon.

Leaving tomorrow on my trip up to Vanua Levu! Wish me luck on the 19 hour boat ride!


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