On the Tuesday of the semester break, I met up with Mary Ellen and Paul in Savusavu. It was nice seeing people from home.. I hadn’t seen them since June!

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The week was a blur of snorkeling, beach trips, games, touring Savusavu, eating delicious food, and relaxing. It was really nice! We stayed at Daku Resort – they chose it because there was an Elder Hostel snorkeling-themed group there at the same time they were. I knew they would be there but I didn’t realize it was an elder group haha. We joined in with them on some of their activities including snorkeling and their themed talks. Some parts were cool, but we did have to play lifeguard a few times and MAN they could really talk.. and talk.. and talk. Haha. The evening lectures were pretty interesting.. especially learning about the pearl farming they do in Savusavu (pearls are expensive, yo!).

While were snorkeling we saw lots of black tip and white tip reef sharks (I like chasing them around), cuttlefish (six all at the same time (I like chasing them around too and watching them change colour) and I saw a barracuda.

The food we ate in Savusavu was really good… prawn and snapper ravioli, spicy fish, and fish curry. They also had lovo one night, so I finally got to try that.

On the way back, I took a plane instead of the boat. It was a teeny weeny airplane and you could see in the cockpit (…awesome). It was pretty scary actually. The views were beautiful though and I can now say I saw Fiji from air (check!).


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