busy days as term wraps up

Busy days as I like them.

Tuesday: Was Diwali! A friend Kirti invited a bunch of us over for Diwali lunch, and it was good fun and the food was really tasty. I got fired from making roti because they kept turning out square. A bunch of us saw Flight too at the cinema (menh). Diwali is ‘the festival of lights’ and everyone sets off fireworks all day. At night it was insane, there were big fireworks everywhere being set off absolutely everywhere and it was lots of fun.

We have been having too much fun with fireworks lately because they started selling them about a month ago. You can get so many kinds of fireworks and they are all different. The best ones were the red ones with tubes.. on Diwali we set one off that had 15-25 tubes and it was reeeally big. My next favourite ones were these small fireworks called helicopters that fly up and spin around. Very dangerous. We hid behind pillars.

Damage the first day we found the fireworks stand (note: all of these were not set off in one night)

On Friday, Mary Ellen and Paul arrived in Suva and we went out to Ashiyana (sense a trend?) with a few friends from here. We had curries, vindaloo, daal, samosas and naan – all really good. That night a lot of people went out because it was a lot of the international student’s ‘last’ full weekend in Suva.

Saturday I showed MEP and Paul around USP and took them on the bus along the sea wall (scenic route!). I was suffering a bit of -ahem- dehydration all day. That evening we went to dinner at Tiko’s which is a seafood restaurant on a boat. It rocks back and forth every so slightly (romantic? no it just made me feel nauseous).

After goodbyes with them, Rosi and I went to a big live music party at Uprising Resort (about 45 minutes away) with Rosi’s cousins and friends. It was a big deal. They had live concerts and then a DJ. It was sooo much fun. We stayed overnight at her cousin’s place.

Lastly but not leastly, I went sailing Sunday and tried to learn some new tricks. Wasn’t very good at them, but hopefully I get better. My muscles are still sore. Then finished off the weekend with some yam chow (dim sum!) and crashed.

I’m done three finals and have one left later this week. Two of them went really well and one went okay (didn’t realize the stuff from pre-midterm would be on there oops.. but I know I still got at least a B). The international students have started leaving already.. I am really glad I will be here for another semester. I am 100% excited for NZ and Aus (less than two weeks to go!!!) and anticipating all the awesomeness, but am really happy I am coming back. My Fiji time is not over. I would be really upset if it was.

Finally, I will share with you something that happened today that really illustrates how life is easy here. I am in the process of deciding where to live next semester and was hoping I could renew my residence agreement as a back-up plan. I talked to one of the halls managers and was asking him if there was a cancellation fee if I decided I didn’t want it. He proceeded to stare at me blankly and said that there wasn’t a cancellation fee. Then he asked me why they would have one. Fiji life is easy here, sega na lega (no worries). Why worry when you don’t have to?


2 thoughts on “busy days as term wraps up

  1. THOSE FIREWORKS ARE PUNY. (compared to the ones they had in china!!) our neighbours were setting off fireworks that were about 1 foot by 1 foot by 2 feet high. nutso.

    also in australia they call dimsum ‘yum cha’. pretty close name!

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