summer break

Woohoo summer break! My last exam (HR) was long, but went pretty well.

The last week of exams was a blur of studying, the last cheapo pizza and beer night, watching movies, going to the student bar, swimming and beating the heat (MAN it’s been hot.. everyone keeps asking me why I am so sweaty just from sitting down).

After my last exam, we all started celebrating and went out. The clubs were realllly busy because all USP students were done.

On Friday, I hung out with the American crew as they were leaving the next day. We got hot dogs (yum) and watched a movie. It was nice.

Most people moved out on Saturday, so the people that are left have all been hanging out. It was sad.. but we have been keeping busy and it’s been pretty fun! Mal and I went to Uprising one day to hang at the beach, the other day we played Uno and Fluxx in the evening, saw Life of Pi, ate giant burgers, cooked meals together, and today we all went into town. Last night we scavenged all the fridges in 10th hall and made a giant feast of super random food. I made chickpea curry and spicy eggplant (seperate, not together..ew). We also had tuna curry, frozen veggies, chicken in gravy, lamb sausages, taro fries and orange ice cream. The night finished off with a rowdy game of telephone pictionary which was good fun. Mal leaves tomorrow and it will be veryyy lonely in 10th hall.. echo echo echo.

It’s a bit strange saying goodbye to a lot of the international students and my friends that are graduating and going home to other parts of Fiji or other places in the South Pacific. Luckily saying ‘see you next year’ is less sad.

Going on this next adventure still feels a little surreal, but I am really looking forward to it. In the first few days I will be meeting up with some friends, exploring Auckland and hopefully do some climbing (!!!). It feels way surreal.. I am a lucky girl.

Packing has been going well so far. Because of the heat and the intense humidity, a lot of my things have gone moldy or weird. The saddest thing I found so far were my climbing shoes (presently they are going through a bleaching/washing process). Other things that I have lost are: a towel, a book, two cell phones and a pair of shoes. I wonder what would make things go moldy slower…

Tomorrow I am going hiking and then Wednesday I leave for Nadi to stay at Rosi’s house for a few days. My next post will probably be in New Zealand or Australia!


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