I decided to get Twitter as it will be the easiest way to keep someone (anyone!) updated on where I will be for the next 2-3 months as I will be able to tweet from my cell phone (don’t want to pull a 127 hours chop-off-my-arm type dealio). I’m not bringing my computer with me to NZ/Aus so there will be less blog/Facebook updates most likely.

You can see it on the right sidebar or you can follow me @reirameso or you can look at

(Please don’t mind my second tweet.. my Olympus waterproof camera is not working and Kat suggested that Twitter is the fastest way to get their attention)

Six days until I leave Fiji!


2 thoughts on “twitter

  1. Will you have e-mail access on your phone? If so, you can actually post via e-mail to WordPress while you’re gone:

    And if you can send MMS from your phone, you could actually send MMS to your configured WordPress e-mail address, which would then post to WordPress via e-mail (but there may be some junk that your phone carrier adds into MMS emails).

    1. fancy! this is all too much for me to handle. probably won’t have email access on my phone.. my old phone has wonked out a bit

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