nadi airport

Here is a blog post I wrote on December 1st:


The last couple of days in Suva were chock full of activity – good and bad, happy and sad. All good though.

I am currently in the Nadi airport killing time. My flight got rescheduled this morning – very typical Air Pacific, so I now have uber time to kill. The past few days at Rosi’s house were very relaxing filled with games, walks, delicious food, TV and reading. Yesterday I met up with Jonah and he said that Chris was still in town (his Air Pacific flight got delayed 3 days..sense a trend?) He was staying at the Hilton on Denerau (courtesy of AP) so Jonah and I checked out their 7 swimming pools. Luckily we didn’t get kicked out despite our backpacking towels and shammies – we didn’t blend too well.

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(Someone just said gracias to me in the airport… I am location confused!)


One thought on “nadi airport

  1. Loved the fact that Fiji is so friendly and it is so easy to run into people you know. We met one of the US doctors again on our flight home.

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