melbourne pt2

It’s my last night in Melbourne! Tomorrow evening I fly to Christchurch and start my two months in NZ, starting in the South Island.

Friday was Jemma’s wedding day, but it wasn’t until the evening so I took the train into the city and spent the day touring around downtown. I popped into the Australian Centre for the Moving Image musuem and wandered around Chinatown and up to Fitzroy. Along the way I popped into a small shop and got some sushi rolls… it’s very similar to Vancouver that there are sushi shops on every corner, but in Melbourne they sell them in rolls that you can just grab and eat. Portable, cheap and delicious! I don’t think I will ever cut my sushi again. This makes so much more sense!

In the late afternoon, I headed with ‘the boys’ (Scott, Jessie (his sister)’s fiance and Scott’s dad) to the wedding. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful location. Jemma looked great and she even sewed her own dress which I think is way awesome! The evening was fun and everyone was really friendly. I did spend part of the ceremony in the bush with Beau and Seth though (Scott’s youngest nephews).

Saturday was awesome. I went climbing at Mt Macedon, which is about 45 minutes by car outside of Melbourne. It was amazing being back on the rocks – I missed it so much. I spent the day easing myself into climbing again by following and practicing cleaning trad gear. Trad climbing still gives me the creepsies. Some day…. maybe. The weather was great and it was an overall awesome, great, superfantastic day! In the evening, I met Scott and his friends/family downtown and we all went out for drinks at a bar. Unfortunately I didn’t think of this at 5:30 in the morning but I was still in my rock climbing clothes and running shoes when I showed up, whoops!

Yesterday (Sunday) I met up with Marty, a friend from Fiji who was on contract in Suva, and together with his girlfriend we had lunch at a cafe and then Marty and I went.. whatasurprise..climbing. His choice this time though! We went to an indoor climbing gym that was realllllly tall! It was fun and good seeing him again. That evening I couldn’t do anything without a muscle hurting. Owwww.

Today Scott and I went along the Great Ocean Road to the 12 Apostles. The drive the way there was all along the coast with waves and beaches and lots of pretty sights. It took probably about 4.5 hours. While Scott was driving he spotted a koala (!!!) so we (illegally) pulled a u-turn and drove past it once and then (illegally) pulled another u-turn and drove past it again. Seeing a koala in the wild.. check! The 12 (er, 8) Apostles was a really nice view! We drove back through the countryside. And when I say we drove back, I mean that Scott drove and I slept pretty much the entire way back and part of the way there before we hit the Ocean Road. I get really sleepy in cars.. whoops.

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Tomorrow Jessie, Scott and I are going to head into the city and finish up a few things that we still want to do.  Most of them involve eating. Australia has not been the healthiest trip so far… there are a lot of delicious snacks here. Mmm but I know I will be back to healthy eating in New Zealand because I am going to be on el budgeto.


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