south island

Greetings! I have reached Christchurch. Just figuring out my plan for the next little while. Yesterday I got an IRD number, set up a bank account and picked up the South Island climbing book. So far I think my plan is to slowly make my way up to Nelson/Marlborough/Golden Bay and look for work there.. lots of vineyards, a highly recommended place and lots of sports climbing. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Christchuch is a lot more broken than I thought it would be. Almost half of the downtown area is all closed because of earthquake clean-up. There are also lots of houses with no walls and broken windows.


2 thoughts on “south island

  1. Oh no, Rose. Did no-one tell you? Most of New Zealand looks like that. Things start to fall to bits once you leave Auckland. You should see the house I used to live in over there!

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