Today I am leaving Nelson to go work on an orchard about 25km from Nelson picking raspberries and then maybe eventually boisenberries (sp?). I walked around the market yesterday asking all the farmers (sound familiar???? haha) and one guy said he needed more pickers. I’ll be living on site in my tent.

The last day in Melbourne was pretty sweet – Scott, Jessie and I did a Melb food tour kicking off the day with breakfast kangaroo, then dimsims, dumplings, gelato, beer and sushi. OM NOM

Oh yeah! I am in Nelson (top of South Island). I decided to come here because it was circled about eight times in the guidebook that Natasha used. There were maybe a few stops along the way that I would have wanted to stop at, but I ended up seeing seals from the bus (what Kaikoura is about) and there are plenty of hiking opportunities EVERYWHERE. It was a good decision. It is a relatively small town and has the beach, and some hills and lots of sunshine. I walked to the ‘centre of New Zealand’ and went indoor climbing with another backpacker. All in all it’s been a good time!As I talk to more people and read more in the guidebooks, there is so much I want to see here! I need to come around and accept that I will not see everything and I’ll have to come back. … maybe in July when my visa is still valid. (…ski bum?)


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