raspberries, picked

Two days done at raspberry picking! I am living in a town about a 20 minutes drive from Nelson. It’s beautiful there and the orchard is beautiful. The family is SUPER nice. I am living in my tent beside the giant shed, and there is a kitchen/living area right beside it (with an oven!!! hehe).

On weekdays off, I can get a ride into Nelson with the mom and hang around Nelson for the day. Not too shabby at all.

Raspberry picking is not hard at all but you do have to raise your hands above your head a lot. And my arms kind of look like a person that is recovering from cutting themself. It’s really fine though. I have a lot of down time so I have been reading, listening the radio, walking, doing sit-ups, etc. The town (population 1800) is a 3km walk. There is a cafe there too where I can read the paper.

For the past few days I tune into the radio a lot just to hear about everything in Fiji. Seems like Suva wasn’t hit that hard but the West was.

Christmas plans are shaping up! Helenka booked tickets to go from the West of the South Island (where she is working) to Nelson for a few days. If all goes according to plan we will meet up (I need to find some rides into the city) and spend some time together. They aren’t picking on Christmas or Boxing Day so I will have some free time.

Ooh also, New Zealand has a holiday on January 2nd too! It is called “the day after new years day”. Haha!


5 thoughts on “raspberries, picked

  1. Sounds awesome, Rose! So do you have to pick every day? Do you have time to travel at all during the picking time? And do you actually get paid? I’m thinking about maybe doing a year working in New Zealand.

    1. I pick usually two out of three days and lately cuz of xmas and new years I’ve been able to travel and should be climbing next week on my days off. It works out really well for now. did you go to nelson? It’s so nice here.

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