castle hill

Castle Hill is a bouldering area near Arthur’s pass which is very, very beautiful. Arthur’s Pass is half way in between the East and the West coast… the pass (duh) to get across. We met up with some other uni tramping club friends of Craig and Pia’s and did a day of bouldering.

We took our time on the way there and stopped in Greymouth and in Murchison for pies (mmmm). A few other places as well, it was very relaxed.

I am not that good at bouldering… it requires a totally different mindset to route climbing and I am not very good at it.. yet! It was a bit pathetic when we first got there and tried to do some of the routes.. we looked a little floppy. Eventually, more of their friends showed up and they helped us out a lot. There were a bunch of us! Some kiwis, some Canadians, one Danish, some Italians, some British.. etc. It was a really great group of people and we had a big communal meal together.

The day was HOT (a turkey baster) and a lot of the day was spent in the shade. We went swimming at a nearby lake which was.. cold.

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