After a day at Castle Hill, we drove down south to Wanaka with a stop at Lake Tekapo and a stop to see Mt Cook (highest peak in NZ). We spent two days climbing in Wanaka on some really cool metamorphic rock. It is schist and is very sparkly and shiny! It is totally different than any other climbing that I’ve done. I really liked it.

I feel up to snuff with my climbing again, after this past month. I am a lot more confident lead climbing now and feel my technique and strength has improved. It’s great! I don’t want to lose it again.

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And now I think I am up to date.. Craig and Pia have left to go tramping (insert eight hundred sad faces here) so I checked myself into a backpacker in Wanaka. I’m working for a couple of days on reception for a week of free accommodation. I am hoping to get some more climbing in.. the rock here is unlike anything I’ve climbed before and a lot of it is in my climbing grade. I wanted to stay here for a while so it was nice that the backpacker was looking for a person to stay.. not as nice as a real  job but saves some money for sure.


4 thoughts on “wanaka

    1. i skimmed your blog today, seems like you jammed A LOT into your time in new zealand! how did you get around mostly?

      1. I sure did cram a lot into that trip (though you should have seen me do 5 days in Paris). It took a decent amount of pre research and then my obsession for always getting going. Until I met up with friends renting a car in Christchurch I just used the nakedbus and intercity bus services, whichever was cheaper. I didn’t buy a bus pass because it didn’t seem worth it in the long run. Once my friends got the car I was able to do so much more without having to rely on shuttles and buses that only go at certain times. If you’re pressed on time and can afford it, a car really is the way to go. I wouldn’t have been able to do near a much in the South Island without a car.

      2. sounds good, yeah i’ve been doing the same. i’ve taken the bus twice but mostly been riding around with my friends

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