start of more travels

Still in Wanaka, but leaving tomorrow or the next day. Been working at a five star hotel doing housekeepeing for the past weekend, it’s been good! I did a day of berry picking too but that sucked. The tentative plan is to head South (probably to Fiordland), then meet a fellow climber friend (from HangDog) near Mt Cook to do some multipitching, then meeting another fellow climber friend (from Castle Hill) in the Christchurch region to be outdoorsy, then head to the North Island (probably a stop in Wellington, hopefully at Craig’s) and back on to my flight to Fiji February 11th! Busy crazy times!

It would be best to not expect to any blog updates until I get back to Fiji. I’ll be keeping in contact with Kat like I have been the rest of the trip, but probably no Internet access.

I’ve been climbing a lot, as usual. Have done two more 19s since the last post.

I finally have figured out more of my housing situation. Originally I was planning on living with a friend from last semester, but decided that it would be safer/more convenient to live on campus. I was glad I put in my application but then a couple of days ago I got an email from USP saying that I am on the waitlist for dorms along with a bunch of other returners. Doh! Rewind life! I teamed up with a great Aussie girl (Katelin) and we found a place online. It’s hard because we don’t have anyone that can check it out so we have to go for something really nice. It’s still cheaper than Canada rent but it has a pool and I think it even has a cleaner. That should reduce the possibility of bed bugs though.



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