back in christchurch

I have done a lot since I left Wanaka, but I only have five minutes left so I will be brief!

Spent about five days travelling with a German/Swiss guy and by myself to Te Anau, Milford Sound, Queenstown, and Dunedin. It was great fun including beaches, blue cheese, a cruise through the sound and lots of driving. Good times!

Then met up with a friend from earlier in the trip (Lauren from Castle Hill) and have been exploring Christchurch and the surroundings for the past long time. Lots of climbing, swimming and other fun things like surfing and caving. And more climbing. And possibly more climbing. It’s been great. I decided to cut out the North Island from my trip completely so I will fly to Auckland on Sunday and fly back to Fiji on Monday.

I’m helping with international orientation right when I get back to Fiji, so I really will be hitting the ground running. Should be good. I am excited to see friends again but not looking forward to the heat!!


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