fiji 2.0

I am back in Suva again and loving it!


I’ve moved into a flat with Katelin, an Aussie biz student, who is doing her whole degree here. Our flat is very nice, probably the nicest place I have ever lived in! It has a pool which is really nice.. so far I have at least jumped into it every day. Two professors also live in our same building (GREG I NEED HELP WITH MY ASSIGNMENT GREG GREG!!). I haven’t been sleeping great.. the combination of new environments/having lots of stuff to do/being hot/my lats are killing me/open bar cocktail night (hehe), but it will get better.

It’s been HOT here. I immediately melted when I got off the plane. Today Suva went up to 32 degrees, feels like one billion degrees, and the humidty varied between 59% and 100%. I have become a puddle.

As soon as I started the bus ride from Nadi to Suva, and even on the plane, so many memories keep flooding back from last semester. It made me miss everyone from last semester quite a bit. The new students are very nice. On the first day, I saw that two new students had set up a slackline outside the library. I have always wanted to try, but was worried I would get injured doing it and wouldn’t be able to climb. Well… now I can’t climb here anyway so I might as well take it up now! I have done it two days so far, and I am getting a bit better! I can now take about five steps on the rope without anyone holding it still. I can also do an impressive face plant and eat grass (I think I hold the record for most embarrassing fall so far). My hand hurts. A lot. Oops. But, the students seem very nice, I have found some other climbers, some hikers, board gamers, swimmers, cook-ers.. it’s really good. I really haven’t met all of them though, there are so many! Tonight a bunch of people came over and we all swam and chatted.

I’ve been helping with Orientation which is quite fun. Tomorrow we go on a village trip and that will be great. I hope there is a place to swim though because I might melt. Hehe.


2 thoughts on “fiji 2.0

  1. 😀 Reading this makes me miss you and Fiji too! Glad to hear that you’re making friends and having fun. The slackline sounds right up your alley! I do NOT miss the humidity there although sometimes it is a bit cold here.

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