queenstown, dunedin and the otago peninsula

I spent one night in Queenstown. Queenstown is known as the party/resort town so we made it count. We started off the night at a bar with a beer deal, then $2 tacos and pitchers, then another happy hour special where I had a delicious cocktail that had an entire kiwi in it (not the person, the fruit). Kiwis.. more potassium than a banana, more vitamin C than an orange! (have I said this already?) Though I do think that a kiwi’s nutritional value gets negated when combined with Midori. It was great fun.

an extremely flattering photo of Maria and Felix
an extremely flattering photo of Maria and Felix
Nico's photo
Nico’s photo

We also stopped at a bungy jump to watch – I think it was the first ever commercialized bungy jump. Can you imagine how dodgy bungee jumps must have been when they first started doing them?

I was planning on going to meet up with a friend from Hang Dog and climb near Mt Cook, but our plans ended up not working out so after a giant eggs n bacee breakfast I headed with Nico and Felix (the German guys who I met in Milford Sound) to Dunedin/Otago Peninsula. The drive was long, but beautiful.

one of Nico's photo of the hunk of junk they rented (and that is an understatement!!)
one of Nico’s photo of the hunk of junk they rented (and that is an understatement!!)

I’m not sure if they were being serious or not, but we stopped in Alexandra because Felix’s girlfriend’s name is Alexandra.

nz-2 nz-1

After driving the hunk of a junk van into the ditch (see below), we camped on the beach and had a steak campfire dinner. It was delicious! The rule in NZ is that you can camp or park your car anywhere overnight as long as there are no signs that say ‘no camping’. Even still I was a bit nervous about setting up my tent in a parking lot so I ended up waking up early enough to see most of the sunrise.

Wicked Campers is a popular car rental, that rents out junk vans that look cool. Despite looking awesome, they are all on the verge of falling apart. The one I travelled in:

– they are the complete opposite of discreet with their giant “BACKPACKERS LIVE HERE” sign

– they one we had had an extremely, unbelievably rattle-y back door

– poor gas mileage

– super disruptive sliding door (I noticed this one while camping at a DOC campsite on the way to Wanaka)

On the positive side, they allow you to drive like a nutso because everyone knows that you are a foreigner.

We started to make the trek up to Christchurch, with a stop in a few places. That area is pretty famous for large numbers of albatross and penguins. We weren’t there at the right time of the day so instead I ate penguin shaped pancakes. Otago Peninsula has lots of windy roads and beautiful views!!



We also stopped at the Whitestone Cheese Deli factory (that day was a very extravagant food day, normally I was eating chickpeas, veg and noodles haha). I got to try 9 kinds of cheese! My favourites were goat milk feta, cammenbert, gruyere and their vintage blue cheese. NOMMMM their blue cheese was delicious.



2 thoughts on “queenstown, dunedin and the otago peninsula

    1. oh i forgot to write that another thing that sucks about the wicked campers is that they only have rear wheel drive. when you are trying to drive the van as close as possible to a tent to hide the tent and land in a ditch, it may be hard to get out

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